Wednesday, 20 November 2013

The SKK Stew Pot - an unsolicited review

I use my SKK stewing pot a LOT. I have it out for at least 1 round of cooking every week and generally more often than that.

I have been using 2 of the SKK cookware items for about a decade now, and would happily receive another. Both have served me well, and are in such good shape I anticipate I will still be using them in another 10 years.

SKK cookware has a hand-cast heavy gauge aluminium base with a ceramic underlayer for greater durability and scratch resistance. The four layer non-stick coating is equally durable and can even be used with metal utensils. The titanium base gives an equal heat distribution.

Cleaning is a breeze, too. A dot of dish soap and a quick wipe with a sponge and even the toughest mess comes right out.

About SKK

The Company

Sausage cassoulet
SKK Stew pot in action
SKK is a German company, founded by Dieter Schnitzler in 1985. The company, located in Viersen-Boisheim, a small city, 80 km north of Cologne in the "Niederrhein" region, has one primary goal:

To produce high-quality cookware which ensures the home cook gets excellent cooking results every time.

They are now one of the leading manufacturers of handcast aluminium cookware in the world.

SKK combines traditional craftsmen's methods with modern high-tech processes to offer a broad range of high quality and durable cookware. Every pan is individually crafted by skilled workmen in hand gravity casts, so as to maintain optimum heat distribution & energy efficiency. SKK cookware is 100% foodsafe and exceeds the standards required by American EPA & European Authorities.

SKK now provide a full range of cookware to cover any cooking need in today's kitchen. Approximately 80% of the products made by SKK are exported and they have a reputation on the global market as providing a high quality premium product.

Delia Smith says of SKK:
'SKK pans are made in Germany from heavy-gauge aluminium but with a non-stick surface 40 times harder than stainless steel. So, at last, high heat, no problem; metal utensils, no problem. Expensive, but one purchase is for life, so cheaper than a long line of dismal failures. All the pans have lids [available, but may need to be ordered separately] and even the handles can withstand an oven temperature of up to gas mark 10, 500°F (250°C) so the pot can double up as a casserole.'

If there is a downside to the SKK cooking pot, it would be its cost. However, this is far outweighed by its functionality and durability. I've been using my SKK cooking pot for a decade and will be able to continue using it in decades to come.

SKK casserole pot
Cooking down onions for spaghetti bolognese

Why do I love it so much?

Forget all the technical talk. I love SKK Cookware because it works for me and it works well.

I can cook anything in these pans whether it be on the stovetop or in the oven or both. They can even be used under a grill. Try doing that with your standard non-stick pan.

On top of that, I can use my metal cooking utensils with the SKK pans.

SKK Cookware comes with a 5 year warranty. I've been using mine for well over 10 years and it is just as good now as it was when I bought it. None of the non-stick coating has come off. Again, can you say that about your standard non-stick cookware?

They cost a bit, but I see these pans as a good investment.