Sunday, 8 December 2013

Product Review Tesco Finest Dairy Range

Tesco Finest Dairy
Over the past couple months I have been trying some of the various dairy products available in the Tesco Finest Dairy range as part of a BZZ Campaign. This particular Bzz Campaign is ending soon, so I thought I would give my final opinions here.
I tried some of the different cheeses and also tried an assortment of the available ceamy yoghurts.

I do try to minimise the additives and artificial ingredients in the foods I cook for myself and my family so I was very happy to discover that all of the foods in the Tesco Finest Dairy range are made using whole, natural ingredients. 

Parmigiano Reggiano

This cow's milk cheese from Italy has been aged for 30 months.
The flavour of this cheese is the sharp, slightly musty, slightly salty, taste that you would expect from a quality Parmigiano.

The main judge here though is my middle son, Thing 1, who really only likes one kind of cheese, Parmigiano, and can be rather particular about differences in flavour that can be found between brands. I may not be able to tell a difference, but he can. ANd he liked this cheese.

I bought 2 wedges of parmigiano over the past 2 months, and have used most them. We have used this cheese grated over spaghetti bolognese, grated over pizza, and in risotto.

Price: £20.59/kg, or £3.50/170gm wedge

I will definitely buy this again.

Barrel Aged Feta

A classic Macedonian Feta made in Greece. This particular cheese is made using a blend of ewe's and goat's milk then aged in beech wood barrels, then packed in brine.

It has a crumbly texture and salty taste.

I used this cheese in a fairly traditional Greek salad - cucumber and tomato, houmous and feta cheese - drizzled with a bit of olive oil and eaten with a bit of pitta bread. I also used it as a topping on pizza instead of the more traditional cheeses a few times and really liked the added flavours it gave.

I don't buy feta vevry often because I'm the only one who will eat it, but the net time I decide to treat myself I will be getting this brand.

Price: £15/kg, or £2.25/150gm pack

Assorted Yoghurts

I have tried several of the creamy yoghurts available in this range. To save repeating this over and over - the fruit creamy yoghurts each have whole bits of the real fruit in them that you actually get to chew. I was very pleasantly surprised when I discovered this. The

There is a wide selection of different blends, including one of my favourite treats - chocolate and hazelnut in yoghurt - that I would make at home by combining a spoonful of Nutella with a small tub of Greek yoghurt. Unlike what I would make for myself at home, this one is a creamy combination of chocolate and large hazelnut pieces.

I like having these in the house as a nice after dinner treat, or as a quick and simple breakfast option.

I plan on buying these again, and again.

Price: £0.75/150gm pot

So, over all verdict - Tesco have found a winner in their Finest Dairy range.  The prices are slightly higher than their regular brand products, but are in line with comparable branded products. The big selling point for me though is that they have used all natural ingredients in all of the dairy products. This is why I will be going back to buy them again.

Note: I am a BzzAgent and received coupons to purchase various Tesco Finest Dairy products either at a reduced price or free of charge.

Images from Tesco Finest Dairy range are used with permission.